How to Transform your Managers at all Levels in to Leaders by Getting them to Adopt a Few Key Principles of Effective Leaders in Order to Improve Performance and Profitability – By Compliance Global Inc.



Speaker: Ted Garrison


This webinar is for you if you are:

• Frustrated with the lack of initiative by your managers
• Feel like you must be involved in every important decision
• Struggling with unforeseen problems that suddenly appear and threaten the success and profitability of your projects

Construction 3.0™ leadership is unlike traditional leadership training programs, offers strategies with a proven record of producing peak performance. Despite popular beliefs, leadership development isn’t about greater controls or about influencing and motivating others. Good leadership skills is the ability to perceive existing conditions and align available resources to produce maximum results. Jim Collins in Good to Great called this putting “the right people on the bus in the right seats.” This program explains how to maximize performance throughout your organization by creating effective leadership skills based on alignment. In an environment where there is a shortage of qualified industry managers and leaders, it’s critical that companies know how to identify their best current and future leaders and how to develop their full potential through proper management skills training. This webinar offers strategies to do just that. This webinar is designed for all managers and executives.

Why Should You Attend:

The construction industry has been challenged to find enough qualified managers and workers during the last several decades, except during economic slowdowns. Peter Drucker wrote, “The first sign of decline of an industry is loss of appeal in qualified, able and ambitious people.” In other words, if this industry wants to address this critical problem it must do something different. One of the key challenges to eliminating the number one reason people quit their job – namely, their boss. While the industry recognizes this fact, it has done little to correct the problem. In fact, the industry hires people based on their technical skills, fires them based on their interpersonal skills, and promotes them based on their leadership skills. Unfortunately, the traditional approach to leadership is flawed and instead of correcting the labor shortage, it has made it worse. Unless the industry addresses this issue, it will become more and more difficult to hire and retain the right people leading to higher costs and lower profits. Worse many companies may not even survive. This webinar program shows how to attract and retain the best people and turn them into highly motivated employees. A company’s potential is almost limitless with the right leadership. Therefore, this is a practical webinar training that provides proven results.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

The program opens by identifying the challenges the industry faces – in essence, those issues that poor leadership has caused resulting declining profits and performance. Unfortunately, the industry tends to blame the problems on the fact that there fewer capable workers and lower worker skills. When in reality the industry has created an image problem that gets people to shy away from the industry. Unless you address the cause of the problem, the problem will not be fixed.

In reality, the worker is not the problem, the problem is created by management. Therefore, this webinar explores some the false myths about managing people to eliminate the barriers to high performance. The webinar explains why the traditional leadership development training models are flawed. One obstacle fixing the problem is the popularity of traditional leadership methods with management because they blame the workers for the problems, instead of holding management accountable for the results. Without holding management accountable for results, there will be no significant progress. Research has found traditional leadership programs only see improvement in about 25 percent of the firms that take them. Worse, the 25 percent that had initial success had no sustainable success.
As Albert Einstein stated, “It’s insane to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results.” What’s needed is a new approach to leadership. Therefore, this webinar describes what we call Construction 3.0™ Leadership. It starts by understanding the difference between management and leadership. It then explains that the leader’s role is not to make decisions but to identify the right person to do the job. While management is needed along with leadership, micromanagement is a killer. It stifles initiative, innovation, and empowerment. Instead, it’s the role of the leader – whether at the crew level, project level, or at the corporate level to understand the current situation and align the resources in the best manner.

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