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Most employers care greatly for providing a safe place to work for their employees and sincerely want to discover and rectify unsafe conditions before an accident happens.
Having a safe workplace is not just something you “have to do”, but something an employer “wants to do” because maintaining safety training at the workplace is a serious ethical responsibility.

However auditing safety assessment functions can be a daunting task. There are safety compliance requirements that an employer has to meet, and It can be hard enough to audit and plan even for a seasoned safety professional.
These days, more often than not, the person responsible for safety is not even a safety professional and struggles with how to even get started.

Why Should You Attend:

The goal of a good safety department is to send every employee home safe everyday – and no job is more important than that. No employer wants to find out the hard way that their safety processes and plans had holes.

Even one person working unsafely can pose a hazard to many co-workers. Good safety procedures can heighten safety awareness on a daily basis and cause safety to be in the front of everyone’s minds, every day.

The presence of solid safety protocols also lessens the probability of an accident occurring as unsafe conditions can be discovered before an accident occurs.

In fact, either an employer can instil good fact-finding processes to uncover unsafe working conditions, or the only other way to determine unsafe working conditions will come from the occurrence of repeated accidents.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

This webinar will help you to develop a process and a plan to audit your safety functions and write a comprehensive safety plan to protect your organization and employees.
This webinar will also cover the basics of a safety investigation. Because individuals entrusted with safety also need to learn how to perform a thorough and defensible safety investigation.

When an accident happens, some degree of confusion generally follows. If the person tasked to perform the root cause investigation does not know how to perform such an investigation, then a good fact-finding that lessens the likely of such an accident occurring again becomes much less likely.

Learning Objectives:

• The interplay between OHSA Regulations and Workers Compensation
• Components of a safety plan
• Why you are required to do investigations in accidents and near miss situations
• Indicators of professional investigations
• Policies, procedures and protocols to have in place
• What to do if an accident happens
• What part of a safety plan is the emergency plan?
• Emergency response preparedness analysis – Planning for people, places and things
• Using continuity of operations practices to safeguard your business
• The psychology of emergencies
• The one thing you must do or your plan is merely a stack of paper
• Corporate, Supervisors, and Employees: Who is responsible for what?
• Where workplace violence fits in
• What to know about domestic violence spilling over into the workplace
• It doesn’t stop at publication: how to involve employees
• What about visitors, vendors, customers, etc.? Managing their safety
• What a safety plan can AND can’t do

Who Will Benefit:

• Plant Managers
• Managers
• Branch Managers
• Store Managers
• HR Generalists
• HR Managers
• Business Owners
• Safety “Team Captains”



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