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Speaker: Scott Adler


When performance troubles arise, organizations typically focus in on the problems associated with inhibiting performance and create a “to do” list aimed at alleviating the problems that have been identified. All too often these solutions come from the top of the organization with a directive to the front-line staff to implement the solutions they’ve been given. Also all too often, these solutions are half-measures that, even if they have a short-term impact, prove to be unsustainable and the performance issues end up recurring.

There is a better way.

Solving problems has to have a context. Otherwise you simply solve a problem and end up in the same place where you started. That’s why, from the front-line staff’s perspective, things seem to be changing all the time and yet the core problems continue.

Most of the deeply held, intransigent performance problems we face organizationally are complex and involve multiple departments (or silos) within the organization. This complexity has different forms and it makes solving these problems so difficult:

1.Dynamic complexity: Cause and effect are distant in time and space
2.Social complexity: Diverse stakeholders with different agendas and worldviews
3.Generative complexity: Emergent realities where solutions from the past don’t fit

In the face of this complexity, the very concept of problem solving is an impediment. It can lead us to think solely about fixing something that is broken. It can lead to imposing solutions from the past. It can lead us to think about current reality as an adversary rather than an ally. But none of these arises necessarily if we see problem solving as part of a larger process of creating what we truly want.

Creating what our organizations really need and want is more than merely eliminating what we don’t want. This creation must be guided by leadership but owned by those on the front lines. The use of guiding principles, developed by leadership and utilized by the front lines in improvement efforts strikes the balance of creation, problem solving, staff engagement and process ownership.

Principles of rights are an effective tool to create what you want for your organization or department. This webinar will show you what guiding principles are, why they matter, and how to develop and utilize them for the areas of improvement your organization is focused on. Examples for different organizational areas, in both inpatient and ambulatory care services, are included.

Why Should You Attend:

• If your organization or department is struggling with performance and past solutions haven’t been successful or haven’t been sustainable
• You have a workforce that isn’t engaged
• You’re responsible for your organization or department and you don’t know how to improve your performance (you’ve run out of ideas)
Areas Covered in this Webinar
In this webinar, participants will learn how to develop guiding principles and how to utilize them for the areas of improvement your organization is focused on. There will be specific exercises for you to use to develop your guiding principles and examples of guiding principles from successful organizations, including both inpatient and ambulatory services.

You’ll learn about the theory behind why guiding principles matter so you’ll have a context for this work.
Learning Objectives
• Learn the theory behind why guiding principles matter
• Learn how to develop your own guiding principles for whatever area you’re trying to improve
• Learn how to use these guiding principles to engage staff
• Learn about the leadership vulnerabilities and skills required for successful guiding principle development and use

Who Will Benefit:

• Chief Nursing Officers
• Chief Operating Officers
• Chief Executive Officers
• Department Directors
• Performance Improvement leaders



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