About Andrew Pain


I transform over-worked business leaders, enabling them to regain control of their lives, by giving them the techniques to be masterful leaders at home and work, but without making them busier!

I help people who feel swamped by conflicting priorities, a never-ending 'to-do' list, and overwhelming demands from the people they serve, so they can lead boldly, decisively and with less stress.

I deliver a transformational, 6-module, time mastery programme. Packed with unique and easy-to-use strategies, including: The Priority Check, The Priority Circle, 6XR, The Triple Landscape Model, B.E.E.R., E.P.I.C. and A.D.U.L.T., this is a programme for leaders who are serious about becoming masterful negotiators, prompt decision makers, movers, shakers and action focussed. Connect with me on Linkedin to book your exploratory conversation.

I'm a speaker and leadership performance coach with previous clients including the NHS, The Cooperative Bank, Lloyds Bank, RoSPA and CompassionUK. I'm the author of 'The Impact Code - Unlocking Resilience, Productivity & Influence' and I'm the creator of MenSpace (Facebook - @MenSpaceGlobal) a support group for men experiencing domestic abuse.

In my spare time, I'm a dad to 4 energetic kids, which means 2 things. 1) I have very little spare time, 2) I'm a taxi-driver, cleaner, porter, triage nurse, war-zone reporter, chief investigator, law enforcement officer, diplomat, relationship counselor, health & safety officer, multi-skilled entertainer, cook, maid, slave, choreographer and fashion consultant (my teenage daughters would unanimously dispute the last two).

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