Increase Your Sales Using Free Webinars

| Articles | June 1, 2010

If you want to bring in more business, there are two approaches: you can go out there and chase the business (prospecting, cold calling), or you can make the business come to you. I’m sure the second option sounds pretty appealing, so let’s dig a little deeper.

Instead of harassing your prospects with sales propositions, you could find a way to offer them something interesting and useful and make them come back for more. An easy (and effective) way of doing this is with a webinar (an online seminar). Here are some pointers on how to increase your sales with a free webinar:

– Find a topic you are an expert on and people are interested in
For instance, if you are a sales consultant, offer a webinar on how to increase sales performance or how to sell to big clients. Or if you are a designer, deliver a webinar on how to use design to attract more visitors to your website.

– Deliver useful information, not sales pitches
I’ve seen a lot of people using webinars to pitch their products. Unless you’re Google or Adobe and people are standing in line to find out what products you are working on, don’t do it. It’s better to deliver useful information to your attendees, to build a reputation as an expert in your field and to make people want to know more about that topic, than to trick them into listening to your sales pitch.

– Use the webinar to generate leads
Try to keep contact with your attendees.  Have them subscribe to your mailing list, then send updates they might be interested in.

– Mention your product
Even though I’ve just said you shouldn’t pitch your product, it’s OK to mention it. If you’re doing a webinar on business networking, for instance, it’s useful to let the audience know you’ve just launched a book on the very same topic (once or twice is enough, don’t remind them about your book every 5 minutes).

– Offer something to your attendees
Make your attendees feel special, make them an offer they can’t refuse (to cite the classics 🙂 ), whether it is a discount, a limited time offer or a free product as an incentive.

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