New features on WebinarBase: “Request a webinar” and “Hosts ratings”

| Articles | November 29, 2010

EEVMSCDC6HUV I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about the new features we were working on for a while now, and today I’ve decided to actually do it (instead of just planning and procrastinating 😉 ).

And getting back to our hottest features, here they are:

– If you can’t find a certain topic on Webinar Base, you can request a webinar on the topic of your choice, request that will go directly to all webinar hosts registered on our website

– Have you ever registered for a webinar excited about the topic, only to discover you have been wasting an hour of your life listening to a company sales pitch? We have! So we thought we’d discourage salesy webinar hosts by allowing users to vote and then displaying all votes for each webinar host. Here is an example.

Is there anything else you would like to see on Webinar Base?

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